About us


I'm Tracy, an average wife that enjoys an active sex life with my husband. We enjoy our time together and like to experiment and explore with different pleasure toys in our own home privately enjoying pleasurable feelings rather than pain. We are just an everyday loving couple.

For some years' I've felt a gap in the market for exciting pleasure toys for men and their partners. We all like to be tickled, but there is a lack of tickle toys available, so I designed a product that had thinner pieces with a range of vibrations to enable a new tickle experience in the more intimate places for men.

Using a good lubricant with tickle toy you can let your imagination run wild tickling your partner using the attachments take your time to tease around the nipples and groin area, gently let the vibration go up the shaft of the penis and around the tip. Then if using the thinner attachment gently tickle underneath the foreskin this will give a gentle but thrilling experience.

With either attachment and again you must have a good lubricant tickle around the anal opening and try gently inserting if desired.

Tickle Me Bits is the only adult pleasure toy on the market that offers this sensation in a non-aggressive way.

After many years finding the right manufacturer, and re-designing the original toy to match market demand, Tickle Me Bits was launched in 2016.

With many more ideas and accessories planned, make sure you keep checking back to Tickle Me Bits to discover more exciting new adult pleasure toys.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

Yours truly,

Tracy Skinner